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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  April 9, 2010 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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today, justice john paul stevens made it official, this court's longest serving justice will be resigning at the end of this term. will the president be able to avoid a battle? this hour, pete williams, savannah guthrie and david remmic of "the new yorker." and the president is returning to the white house shortly in just a few minutes to speak on the west virginia mine tragedy and retirement. the latest on the president's upcoming nuclear summit from madeleine albright and bart stupak will be retiring from congress. is that a victory from sarah palin and the tea partiers? palin speaking live in new orleans a half hour from now. with their take on the republican leadership in the big easy, we'll have right here, bob
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shrum and patrick buchanan. justice stevens announced his retirement in a letter to president obama. chief justice john roberts issued a statement saying that stevens quote, has enriched the lives of everyone at the court through his intellect, independence and warm grace. so, what kind of person will the president be choosing as his successor? joining me now, pete williams and savannah guthrie. we're beginning to hear marine one coming back to the south lawn from andrews air force base. first, to you, pete, we expected this announcement, but it is still a very big deal. this is the longest serving justice on the supreme court and leader of the liberal wing. >> and third longest serving
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justice in u.s. history. number one, the fact that he'll be, his successor will be chosen by a democratic president means a new vote, the makeup of the court will not change, but because of his long efty, he played a different role. he would assign the opinion writing when he was in the majority. then it's the senior liberal when they're in the majority. so he played that role. that will very much be missed and the question is, will president obama, can he choose someone who will, in several years to come, do they have that ability to do that. >> and that requires someone who has the respect of the other justices as well. someone who's a playmaker, to use a sports analogy. savannah guthrie, is the president trying to avoid a fight? he had a rough fight with the senate last summer as he faced a
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gruelling august over health care. at this stage of course, this much closer to the midterms in november, what do you think he is looking for and then we can talk about the names. >> first of all, i think the president will be prak mgmatic about it. this political climate is the same if not worse since health care reform passed. all of that plays into it. my sense from white house officials is the president's going to be looking for somebody who could be a tactician the way stevens was on the court. somebody who is a real player. clearly, it will be somebody that's progressive. names that get mentioned a lot are some of the very names he's looking for. diane pamela wood, an appellate court judge on the seventh
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circuit. merrick garland, elena kagan. i don't think this is going to take a ton of time before we get to a nominee. i think we're talking weeks, not months. that was the word from an aide i spoke to not long ago. part of the reason is, one, they saw this coming. he hadn't exactly been making it a secret. the other thing is they just went through this. they just passed a wide net last year looking at who might be out there. remember, back then, the president before he was even in office as president-elect, had handed a series of names to his team to look at. they've already done a lot of the leg work. no question it kicked into high gear in the last few weeks. >> and i'm very struck, pete,
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you and i have been talking about this both privately and as we talk to sources around washington, about the fact that president obama has said in the past that he wanted somebody finally for this court, who has more than just judicial experience. first, talking about justice stevens, who would often in june at a reunion of the gerald ford alumni and come because he felt very much part of the gerald ford who appointed him, before he died, president ford wrote -- considering all the other people he brought into government, that says a great deal about the esteem to his dying day he had for this man. >> very much so.
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although it has to be pointed out that justice stevens did come, president obama said he wants to find someone from a different background. he was an appeals court judge before he came to the supreme court. he did not run for elective office. people talk about trying to find somebody who has his ability to be a leader. of course, he didn't have that role when he first came on to the court. he was considered sort of a quirky center. >> we wait of course, maybe a half hour, to hear from the president himself on the subject. thanks very much. savannah at the white house, co-host of "the daily rundown," we'll see you tonight on "nightly news." and president obama is
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preparing, talking about busy days, preparing to host a nuclear summit next week. this after just signing a nuclear arms treaty with russia. his strategy is being criticized by some republicans including sarah palin. she described the policy shift as -- the president was asked about ha in prague. >> the last i checked, sarah palin's not much of an expert on nuclear issues. if the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff are comfortable with it, i'm probably going to take my advice from them and not sarah palin. >> here with us now is someone who is an expert, madeleine albright. thanks for joining us. the president was a little tart in responding to that. does he need to hear criticism
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from sarah palin. it's striking that the president seems to have taken a middle course here in the s.t.a.r.t. treaty and nuclear posture review. he seems to be looking to find a consensus and has a lot of support from former secretaries of state. >> i think what the president has done is start out with a very important vision, which he delivered in prague a year ago about the desire to get rid of nuclear weapons. at the same time, he knows that as president of the united states, he has a responsibility to protect our people, our territory and our way of life and that, in fact, it is necessary to make sure that we have all the options in terms of doing that. but this, i think, he's taken some very interesting and important steps. the agreement with the russians is very important. i think also the fact that the nuclear posture review came out
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and made clear that we understood that terrorists potentially getting nuclear weapons is one of the biggest threats of our time and at the same time, that we don't want a bunch of loose nukes running around, which is what this meeting is about with these leaders. i am very impressed with the consistency and delivery of this message about where nuclear weapons stand in term of our overall policy. >> one of the people who was not going to be coming, the man who's not coming to dinner, to the summit, is netanyahu. we've been through the drama of him being put in ice on the roosevelt room, the president going upstairs and no agreement or photo opportunity. now, netanyahu not coming. we are told from both israel and from the united states that it's most likely because he thought
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he was going to be sandbagged here. for not acknowledging their nuclear arsenal. but what about this relationship? jim jones on the flight back said quote, the relationship is ongoing and fine and continuous. strange way to characterize the relationship with america's closest allyally. >> it's one of our closest friends and alleies and we havea lot of issues. as i understand it, the israelis are sending a strong delegation to this summit and i think that the most important issue here is how to make the peace process go forward. that is something that is the center of u.s.-israeli relations
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in terms of working towards stability in the middle east. >> there was more criticism for the president from the republican side. liz cheney last night in new orleans. let me show you what he had to say. what she had to say, excuse me. >> it seems to me increasingly clare that there are three prongs to the obama doctrine. apologize for america, abandon our allies and appease our enemies. >> she was saying that the president had not been enough of an alley to netanyahu, but karzai. i'm not sure this is the right moment to be endorsing what karzai's been saying, but how do you analyze the u.s. relationship with afghanistan? we've got all of our troops there and a very uncertain partner, to say the least. >> first of all, i think she was wrong an all three counts. the president is a very strong
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defender of the united states. he works closely with allies and he's trying to solve some of the most difficult problems left over from the last eight years. i think our relationship and the issues in afghanistan are very complicated. we have our forces there that from everything that i read, are moving forward and doing a good job. the karzai situation is complicated, but he is the leader that we are dealing with and a partner in trying to resolve the issues of security and insurgency and moving towards more afghan control over their own country. i think that it doesn't prove anything, frankly, to make allegations about him. we need to move forward. he is the person, he is there and he's the person that we have to deal with. >> now, i know that you've just led a delegation to china. you're just back. president hu is coming here next week and one of the big hopes is
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that china can be on board in supporting tougher sanctions against iran. even though we think the russians have been moving closer towards the president on this, we're hearing a will the of back channel comments that they don't want to be as tough as we want to be on iran. is there ever going to be a unified, not watered down, u.n. resolution? >> when i was in china, it was interesting that the iranian were there at the same time in meetings where i wasn't. there were discussions about what was going on with the chinese persuaded iranian. i think it is important that the chinese have joined the talks in new york. i was ambassador there. i know how long it takes to work out these resolutions. americans are the ones that want a strong sanction resolution and
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i think there's going to be a will the of -- going on that ambassador rice will carry on. it is important to get overall agreement by the p5 on some sanctions on iran. whether targeted, so i think it's a very important negotiating process. >> madeleine albright, thank you very much. good to see you again. a busy week in foreign policy. >> great to be with you. >> president obama, of course, has landed just moments ago and we expect him to be speaking this hour about the mine tragedy in west virginia. as well, of course, the rescue efforts there to find four missing miners were stopped due to smoke in the mine. we also expect the president to be commenting on john paul stevens. plus, sarah palin, she'll be speaking in new orleans. you can watch that here on
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and you're looking live at the white house rose garden. the president received -- that of course not the oval office. received the official letter from supreme court justice john paul stevens announcing his retirement. that includes the president's legacy nominating to supreme court justices. joining me now, david remnick. extraordinary new biography. it's great to see you. thank you very much.
1:21 pm
we've seen president obama evolve and you've studies this more closely and recently than anyone. from what you know of him, what would you assume the kind of person he would want as he looks to the legacy in finding another person for the supreme court? >> much like sonia sotomayor. nobody that's going to satisfy is very, very liberal wing of the democratic party and the names you're hearing are very much in the wheel house of barack obama's legal thinking. i spent a lot of time examining that. despite the rumors about his radical associations. >> the central metaphor of the book of course refers to the bridge and influence, the whole question of race. the fascinating question of race and how obama has come to grips
1:22 pm
with his own identity. wanted a play a little bit of obama in selma in march of 2007. >> so don't tell me i don't have a claim on selma, alabama. don't tell me i'm not coming home when i come to selma, alabama. i'm here because somebody -- i'm here because you sacrificed for me. i stand on the shoulders of -- i thank the moses generation. yes, yes. but -- we got to remember now, that joshua still had a job to do. >> and he's an example of that joshua generation.
1:23 pm
you interviewed john lewis, obama to many of us who have covered him. i was spending a lot of time with john lewis when he was struggling with the decision to stick with the clintons or to make the decision to endorse barack obama. and it was so apparent that day in selma when they both spoke, hillary clinton and barack obama, in 2007, the contrast between the two. the comfort level that barack obama had in selma. >> it's a comfort level though that he had to acquire. not one he came by easily. he was not raised in a church like that. he comes frand was raised by whe grandparents and a white mother. that kind of identity and performance in a black church in the pulpit is something he really worked on the way an athlete or musician would practice in a choir.
1:24 pm
>> you interviewed john lewis and he said -- but how did this young, this child in hawaii raised by large by white grandparents who came from kansas, in a multiracial community in hawaii that was not predominantly black. so, how did he come up with this way of self-identifying? >> well, i think race is something that is largely given to you. you look at yourself in the mirror and there's a lot of the story right there, but it's also something you have a say in very often. certainly in barack obama's case, his self-identification and pursuit of an identity had a large part of forming who he was and who he is. that drama for him, personally,
1:25 pm
was over by his 20s. when he entered public life, he had to go through the drama all over again as others judged him. you remember all those calls of not black enough. in 2000, he ran against congressman bobby rush on the south side, a former black panther. a lot of that campaign was taken up with those ugly calls about not being black enough, which is an extremely ugly thing. when the presidential race began in 2007, he had to assert his place in the community in order to complete against hillary clinton who had some deep connections to the black community. >> and of course, really, interestingly, when you interview bobby rush, he's very open in his contempt for barack obama. still to this day. the other thing is that all during the campaign, we were constantly being told by people
1:26 pm
in the inner circle that he didn't want to identify himself. that race didn't want to be such a factor until he was forced to confront it with the philadelphia speech because of jeremiah wright. and then again, the skip gates event after he had been elected that we should not be making so much of race. but he has, as you describe in the book, really had to work very hard to reach this comfort level. >> well, i think that he reached his own comfort level by the time he was in his early 20s. it has to do with other people, how they see him and deal with him. i think barack obama has other difficulties as a president in that there are members of the black community wonders where he is on certain issues that effect them most profoundly. obama of course would say the more the economy improves for all, the more it improves for the african-american community, but things are pretty severe
1:27 pm
there. 16% unemployment in the african-american community. a gap between rich and poor that affected african-americans disportion atly. academics like cornel west, tavis miley, these people are getting tough on barack obama. their job is not to be the amen corner for the president any more than it's my job. critical thinking about people in power is absolutely necessary to force -- to force our way forward. >> david, you refer to him as a shape shifter. you quote him as saying, the fact i c--
1:28 pm
harry reid was castigated for some comments on that score -- president obama is aware. >> he put it an awkward way. the truth was, there's not that much difference. there's no doubt that the greatest orator in the history of the united states, martin luther king jr. himself, when he spoke to a certain audience, he would quote great theologians and go to a church and be quite different. but the key was, he was genuine. he was himself. and if barack obama succeeds
1:29 pm
with any audience, it's because of him being genuine. i don't find him funny and he won a pretty big victory, so the numbers are with him. >> it's an extraordinary piece of work. thank you for sharing it with us and being with us today. and president obama of course will be speaking in about 20 minutes from now in the rose garden and we expect him to address the retirement of supreme court justice stevens and the latest on the mine explosions. we'll bring that to you live as soon as it happens. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day.
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summer. also retiring, michigan congressman, bart stupak, who played a crucial role in the abortion compromise. the democrat insisted that the tea party did not run him out of office. the nine-term representative says he could have won re-election, but wants to spend more time with his family. a political struggle continues in kyrgyzstan. opposition leaders say they will give the president safe passage out of the country if he resigns. flights have resumed at the u.s. air base in manas. sarah palin will be taking center stage in new orleans today. former house speaker, newt gingrich, was one of the headliners on day one and wasted no time at taking aim at
1:34 pm
president obama. >> the most radical president in american history has now thrown down the gauntlet to the american people. he has said, i run a machine, i own washington and there's nothing you can do about it. >> with me now bob shrum, pat buchanan. okay. bob, first to you if you want to respond to newt gingrich, sarah palin and the others down there in new orleans. >> well, they're creating a voice for the republican party that i don't think has long-term durability because this economy is picking up. that's clear from everything you see now. we're going to see more and more job growth that's going to alter the contours of the midterm election and put obama in a position much as president reagan was to do well in his re-election campaign. a friend of mine who knows newt gingrich pretty well and likes
1:35 pm
him, actually, says he's not sure if he believes this stuff, but has to say it because it's the only way he can keep his relevance among these folks and raise the money he needs to raise for the think tank. >> but also a presidential run. i would not discount him from staging a comeback. >> i've talked to some people who think he is going to run. i do think this was, as they say, putting down the hay where the goats can get at. >> calling your republican colleagues goats. shame, shame. >> the republicans, whether it's republicans doing something right or democrats doing something wrong, the democratic party now is four points below where it was in 1994 when it lost 52 seats. that doesn't mean it's going to lose 52 seats, but i'm astonished as how low it has gone and is going.
1:36 pm
>> let's look at liz cheney speaking again about president obama at that same conference. >> the media has played this up as a confrontation between dick cheney and barack obama, but i prefer to think of it as a constructive dialogue between a two-term vice president and a one-term president. >> bob, the energy, the passion, even among -- all of the polls shows it's on the republican side now. not the democratic side. you can wait for the economy to improve, but the energy right now is not with the president's party. >> i am stunned about how we try to analyze what's going to happen in the future by where we stand at the moment. we never look at history. the end of 1982, all the energy was on the democratic side. reagan was at 35% approval. i wrote a line comparing
1:37 pm
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new purefitness... from crystal light. a pure way to water your body. president obama's in the oval office right now and we just saw him arrive. it's been delayed. he's going to be addressing the mine tragedy and justice stevens' resignation. a lot going on here. it is the big news of the day. justice john paul stevens announcing his retirement from the supreme court. bob shrum and pat buchanan back with me. pat, what kind of choices does the president have in terms of avoiding a fight? almost anyone can precipitate a fight if they find something in the background, some unexpected development that can kick off a fuss, but most of the judgment is that he's going to try to
1:41 pm
avoid a real confrontation. >> sure. this is a reenforcement nomination. they were liberal justices, replace one with sotomayor. now, he wants to get somebody up there and on that court, confirmed before november. that suggests he appoint a moderate liberal and get it through this senate. i don't see the republicans say filibustering with 41 votes unless you've got something drastic in the background and so that's what i would do. but for heaven's sakes, don't go with some flame thrower because they will filibuster her or him. >> the other issue is, bob shrum, the president's stated wish to have somebody on the court now that justice o'connor is no longer there, who has had some elected experience, some
1:42 pm
political experience. but that could precipitate more of a fight. >> and i'm sure he does mean that. that's kind of a long-term wish for the court, the three names you hear the most about. elena kagan, diane wood -- former dean of harvard law school. i think pat's right. the president's going to pick someone like that. that person's going to go up to the senate. the republicans are not going to filibuster. frankly, i don't think they'd get 41 republicans. but there will be some republicans who will make noise, make a fight and they have to be careful how they do it because i think as i said earlier, the mood is changing and where we are in july is going to be different from where we are in april. >> if you wanted to do what you suggest, i would pick a democratic senator from a secure state and put the senator up there and their colleagues will
1:43 pm
not kick the daylights out of a fellow colleague and even if it's a moderate liberal, they will go right to the supreme court. it will not be a federal judge and it will be an easy confirmation. >> but that would require of course, coming up with somebody where there's a governor who's a democratic. >> exactly. and secure a state. get somebody frankly, who says, look, i've had enough time in the senate. >> it would have to be somebody young. with justice roberts on the court, that whole young, very strong wing, he is not about to choose somebody past 50. we see sarah palin now taking the podium. this is the southern republican leadership conference and in these midterm as we approach this midterm election, sarah palin has really become the face of the new republican party.
1:44 pm
you've got to tea party now in michigan claiming credit for bart stupak and his decision to resign and here is sarah palin. let's listen. >> thank you so much and please have a seat and i am so honored to get to be here in this nice crowd of friends. good to be here in the big easy. enjoying getting the know the people of new orleans. last time i was here, it was for an oil and gas conference and now, being here, hearing of the inspiring stories of people who have rebuilt and restored after katrina, it's very inspiring. i want to thank a moment to thank this amazing city. especially the people who represent new orleans, working here, serving guests with public safety and with the wait staff. we thank you, new orleans. thank you.
1:45 pm
good patriotic people, too. i knew i shouldn't say, you betcha. who dat. go saints. and i know this crowd, too, patriotic people, and do you love your freedom? you love your freedom, then we think of that and we're going to do that right now. i know that there are folks here who have served in the past, maybe serving today in uniform. raise your hand. we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. thank you, sir. we salute you. thank you for your service. yep. last time i was here, oil and gas conference and now, we are here this april 9th on american tax freedom day. john goldberg wrote a good piece about this this week. explaining that american citizens now spend about 100
1:46 pm
days of the year working for their government before they start earning our own money. that doesn't sound right to me. sounds like we're working for government. time we reverse that. but happy american tax freedom day. well, folks, it seems like we are really learning what the president meant with his slogan, yes, we can. when you turn that sound bite into a sentence, you get, yes, we can spread the wealth around. yes, we can spend money on programs we don't need and stick the bill to the next generation. and yes, we can put our country back on a track that's not a good track because this track is going to quadruple our national debt and yes, we can let the government take over 1/6 of private sector economy with the mother of all unfunded mandates,
1:47 pm
obama care. these are just a few of the domestic policy accomplishments and in foreign policy, well now, we've got the makings of the obama doctrine. which is coddling enemies and alienating allies. the administration eased sanctions on cuba and sided with chavez against honduran democracy. they offer tepid conditions and sanction on north korea and gold stars and cookies to the sud sudanese presidents. those in iran seeking freedom, women's rights barely uttering a word of support for that. now, the president, with all the vast nuclear experience that he acquired as a community
1:48 pm
organizer -- and as a part time senator and as a full time candidate, still no accomplishment today with north korea and iran. meanwhile, this administration alienates our friends. they treated the afghan president karzai poorly and then feigned surprised when he acted in kind. they escalated a minor zoning decision to a major breach with israel, our friend, in the middle east. let's remind our president, jerusalem is not a settlement and israel is our frepd. and the critical nuclear concerns of our time, north korea, because they have nukes and iran, because they want
1:49 pm
nukes. so, yes, we can to enemies, criticize allies, vacillate, dow, eddither and somebody need to tell the president that just because we can doesn't mean we should. so, now they're revising that 2008 slogan for 2010 and having just rammed through a more than $2 trillion takeover and proclaiming proudly, yes, we did, well, you know, i wouldn't be so quick to slap that one on a bumper sticker because i think a lot of common sense conservatives can relay some slogans that the majority of americans like a lot better than that. like repeal and replace. and the bumper sticker, how's that hopey changey thing working
1:50 pm
out for y'all now. or my favorite, don't retreat, reload and that is not a call for violence. that, of course, meaning taking opportunity to engage and vote. the media's so desperate to discredit the people's movement and the tea party movement that they'll make that up. whether we're talking about foreign or domestic policy, pelosi and reid defies common sense and will leave us in debt
1:51 pm
and under the them of big government. it is out of touch. it's out of date. and they're running out of time. because americans across this great country, they are standing up and speaking out for common sense, conservative solutions and they're telling washington, just back off. some of us, part of the tea party movement, some of us registered republicans. we used to call reagan democrats and some are just like most of my friends and family, my own husband, friends and independents, lovers of this great country, but also, very, very concerned about the path we are now on. all deeply concerned about our country. and frankly, some of them are a little bit skeptical, concerned about our party, about our own gop. for years, the federal federal
1:52 pm
government grew and individual freedom shrunk for americans who believed in conservative first principles this was quite concerning and disheartening to watch some republicans stop putting those principles first. i kind of lived through that. as a governor of alaska, having vetoed some of obama's stimulus funds that had fat strings attached and kind of violated the tenth amendment to our constitution my veto of those funds was overridden by a republican-led legislature because too many people just want to believe this is all free money. somehow it's all just going to magically work out in the words of bill clinton, remember, he kind of paraphrased it well when he said, if this ain't the biggest fairy tale i've ever seen. you know, before obama was elected, so we don't know in what context -- well i'll take it in the context that i want it. but today, though, the grand old party has its eyes wide open. do we not have our eyes wide
1:53 pm
open? and we're realists. we know now. we know. we know. we're getting back to our grand old roots. and when the other party is wrong we're stiffening our spines and we're saying so because there is no shame in being the party of no if they're proposing, the other side is proposing an idea that violates our values, violates our conscience, violates our constitution. what's wrong with being the party of no? we will oppose it. or, better said by the good governor of this state, he said, party of no? ah, no, we're the party of hell no. now, going forward, we have to keep supporting those republicans in congress who are leading the loyal opposition. let's help them starve the beast. they're putting the liberal elite on notice. government over reach did not begin with the obama
1:54 pm
administration but it will end with the obama administration. because, friends, truly the party of lincoln, the party of reagan, is back and we have our eyes wide open going into these mid-term elections. we're not just the party of no. we're the party of ideas. and with articulate alternatives we will prove a better way for america. and in that spirit, let me hit on something that's been making headlines lately. i know it well. it's very, very important to all of us. it's energy policy. energy is not just about heating our homes and fueling our rigs and keeping the lights on. it's an issue that really touches every challenge we face from the value of our paychecks to our interests abroad. there is an inherent link between energy and security and energy and prosperity and energy and freedom. we need affordable domestic reliable environmentally sound
1:55 pm
energy and there's just such a big difference between how the republicans and the democrats want to accomplish that goal. the left has waged a multifront war on conventional resources. and this administration proposed billions, tens of billions of dollars in new fees on domestic production because they evidently think that we are over producing oil and gas. and liberals in congress want to stop, things like hydraulic fracturing, to produce clean burning natural gas. the administration is locking up even more federal lands that are filled with this god given huge reserve of oil and gas and uraniuim and even if a producer is lucky enough to finally be permitted to drill and to mine, well, good luck transporting that resource to where it can do the most good. you want to build a pipe line? it can take years to get a federal permit and a transmission line could take you decades. when it comes to consumption, the left's plan is -- the plan is very devastating but it's
1:56 pm
pretty simple and at least they're honest about this one. they do want you to pay more so you'll consume less. and they call it this new scheme coming down the pipe cap and trade. i call it cap and tax. whatever you call this scheme, it's going to kill jobs. it's going to kill production and productivity and a work ethic in this industrious america we have grown to love. it will pass an even greater burden on to the next generation, to our small businesses, to our working families today. and if that sounds like a bad idea in a bad economy, well, yeah. the left thought that you would think it's a bad idea so what they want to do now is just skip the legislative process and go right to the regulatory agency. let the epa, which some are calling the economic punishment agency, let the epa do the dirty work then. like so much of the left's agenda they've decided what is best for us and even if we don't
1:57 pm
like it and can't afford it and it makes no sense they're going to do it anyway because, yes, they can. now, if you watch some of the news or maybe are maybe on the white house e-mail list, it might all come as a big surprise, all this energy stuff, the smoke and mirrors that's going on, but we know it's because the president can give some pretty nice speeches and these speeches, they sound like he's finally getting it and he's going to enact energy policies that, of course, the overwhelming majority of americans can overwhelmingly support, but when you really tune in and when the applause dies down, he stands by while the administration and the democrats in congress block those things one by one. it is a lot of smoke and mirrors. take nuclear power. he talks a good game about supporting it but where was he when his interior secretary withdrew 1 million acres from uraniuim production in arizona?
1:58 pm
and we all know that harry reid opposes safe storage of spent fuel at yucca mountain, but we didn't expect the administration to back him up on that for purely political reasons. not safety, not environmental or geological reasons, but political reasons. they can't have it both ways. you can't claim to support development of clean nuclear energy and then gut our options at both ends of the fuel cycle. and likewise, the left may tell you that therefore renewable resources like wind and solar and hydro and that's just great but god forbid you try to put a wind mill in nantucket sound or try to put a solar panel in the mohave desert somewhere because somebody may see it or a geko may bump into one. you know? oh, my. now, last week, so recently we saw this bait and switch and it had to do with offshore
1:59 pm
drilling. we had to pay attention to this one. the president gave a big speech at andrews airforce base with all the fanfare that you would come to expect at this point with his speeches. the only thing missing from that ceremony was the sound track from "top gun" and joe biden in a flight suit. that was the only thing. that's next. and since then, though, since that event, the spinners have been spinning that one as a huge victory for energy security, and anything sounds good when you say it in front of a fighter jet, but stop and think about what really happened that day and then the next day when we cut through the hype. let's talk about what really happened. after inheriting a good pro development gop plan that opened up both coasts for drilling, the obama administration halted development and then last week they opened virginia's coastal areas for offshore drilling. but most ly delayed until 2012 o


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